My Scarves

Life circles and spirals.
New patterns are always emerging and shifting.
My scarves flow with energy, color and spirit.
May they bring a bit of joy and delight to you.

I have always been energized by color and texture.  I see pattern everywhere I look.

The simple task of collecting colorful fall leaves excited me as a child. Speared onto a stick, they created a delightful object of shaggy texture and subtle color changes, opening a moment spent in bliss as I wandered the backyard.

Yarns, threads, fabrics drew me, making me the only kid eagerly knitting away on the playground at recess.

My first glimpse of a weaving studio took my breath away. What was this magical place?

In college I studied Fiber Arts and Costume Design. From there I skipped thru decades of a diverse retail career that has spanned from dressing folks in costumes, merchandising and selling apparel and cosmetics, to dressing brides and their parties for a most special day.

Life circles and spirals.  New patterns are always emerging.  I shifted from textiles to work on paper, and started Ragged Edge Printmaking Studio. Yet I found myself tearing apart hand pulled prints on rag paper, then stitching them together, merging printing and the love of fiber deep in my soul.

These luxurious silk scarves blend the power of fine art printmaking with the sensuality of fabric.  Each is individually monoprinted by hand,.  No two can ever be the same.

My scarves flow with energy, color and spirit.  By sharing them with others, I hope to share the delight and joy that creating this wearable art has brought to me.

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